The majority of my work consists of tuning pianos in private homes. I also offer services to churches, schools, recording studios, teaching studios, and performance venues. Please give me a call or complete a contact form, and we can arrange a time that suits you.

Every major manufacturer recommends tuning at least twice a year. If your piano was tuned within the past year, then a normal tuning should be sufficient to bring it back into tune. If your piano has gone without tuning for more than a year, it may have dropped in tension and pitch too much to be brought back up with a normal tuning. If that is the case, please send a request for a quote on the contact form or call on the phone, and I will explain your options.

The reason that pianos drop in tension and pitch, is that they have approximately 3,000 pounds of total tension on a wooden structure. Even though that structure is reinforced with cast iron, it cannot maintain that tension indefinitely. You may have noticed a violin or guitar concert where the performer retunes several times during a concert. Pianos are constantly changing slightly in pitch.  If your piano has not been tuned within 12 months, it may have dropped in pitch too much to be brought back up in one tuning.  The extra tuning is required, because for every amount I raise the pitch on a string, it changes back 10-38% in ten minutes. If the piano is significantly out of tune, then that change cannot be accurately predicted.

We will always provide the most accurate tuning possible for your instrument.

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